Ray and Jackie- Just wanted you to know I successfully hiked the trail at Thunderbird Park. It was a little over 3 1/2 miles, and took me 2 hours 4 minutes. Down was much harder than up, but the fact I could do uneven ground for 2 hours was great. I was very tired, but no ill effects. (Tried sending you this from my phone, don't know if it went or not.)

This Thanksgiving I am so very thankful for the referral that brought me to you. I appreciate both of you for your professionalism, and for your friendship. I wish you both a very blessed Thanksgiving!!


Physical therapist Ray who is the owner and operator of true care is a true professional. From the time I walked into his Therapy Clinic, through treatment diagnosis, and lastly the implementation of the treatment plan, Ray completely left me impressed. I tell all my friends and family about True Care PLLC.

Nolan Hawkins

True Care...

Truly Compassionate...

Truly a friend...

Truly grateful.

Barb M.

Your search ends here - True Care is the best most comprehensive, personalized, and professional physical therapy program out there. No "Circuit" or one-size-fits all approach here. 100% tailored treatment plan that starts on day one based on you - your body and your abilities, whatever stage you are at with your injury or medical condition. Physical Therapist Ray Popp is the most committed, experienced therapist I have ever worked with. I would know, I am a professional patient having Multiple Sclerosis for over 19 years. Read his story, make an appointment, you will not regret it. You will experience "True Care".

K. Vehring

I broke my back (L2 burst fracture) on 3/17/2016 in the Ukraine and spent a month and a half on bed rest. I returned to the U.S. on 5/2/2016 and saw a spine specialist three days after. His diagnosis corresponded with the Ukrainian doctors that it would take me six months to recover from my back injury. I asked my nurse case manager to find me a physical therapist near my home and True Care was the closest to my home in Surprise, AZ. My first appointment was 6/13/2016 when the doctor felt that I was safe enough for physical therapy.

Ray, his wife June, and his receptionist Kathy are very wonderful people. From the very first day Ray demonstrated the passion that he has for helping people. I would show up early every appointment, sometimes well before it was time. Ray would see to me as soon as I got there and I would often get extra time as well as care.

I was discharged by the doctor on 8/9/2016, which was almost a month and a half early recovery time. I decided to spend an extra 2 weeks with Ray to make sure that my recovery was stable and monitor my techniques to prevent reinjuries once returned to work. Thanks to Ray I was able to recover as fast as possible. I followed the regimen that he prescribed to me, put in everything that I had at therapy, and at home. I put in maximum effort and received maximum results!

I am writing this testimonial to help give something back to Ray, his family, and his business for all the hard work that he put into me and puts into all his other patients. We need more people like Ray in this world who are willing to help others as much as they can. If you ever go to True Care Physical Therapy and tour the facility you will also see that he and his family have sacrificed much more than just their time, but have made the ultimate sacrifice more than once.

I am proud to recommend this family owned physical therapy center and hope that you will give them an opportunity to help you if you are injured!

Marc Gilbert

Dear Ray and Family,

THANK YOU! Two Small Words That Convey The Infinite Feeling In Our Hearts.

We thank you very much for your kindness to stay after hours and help Ellen. We thank God for your talent in healing/helping hurting people!

With His love,

Nick and Ellen Luca

I came to True Care with neck and shoulder problems. Using dry needling Raymond was able to alleviate my pain in 3 sessions after which strength training began. Throughout my rehabilitation Raymond challenges me every session while allowing me to work to my capability permitting for continual and consistent progress.

Raymond is passionate about the body and physical therapy from pediatric to geriatric care. He possesses extensive knowledge about the body and various skills: manipulation, dry needling, and muscle energy which aid the healing process.

Receiving treatment at True Care means consistent quality of care. The True Care staff is compassionate treating each person as an individual.

In my opinion, True Care Physical Therapy is worth my 45 minute drive because they are THE best in the area and one of the top physical therapy clinics in the Valley.

Margaret Fippinger

The first time Ray worked on my back, I didn't feel anything right away. But then I realized that the reason I didn't feel anything was because the pain was gone. It was a bit of a shock to just feel normal.

Daniel Esparza